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Our truck heats pies with propane, so there’s no noisy generator. Since the pies are all baked in our kitchen and simply handed out from the truck, we can serve large groups very quickly. We have handed out over 500 pies in an hour.
Our catering van can deliver hot pies to your location for a $500 minimum order. This is also the fastest option, since people can walk up and grab whichever pie they want.
If you prefer the food truck experience, we can bring that for a minimum order starting at $900 (minimum varies by season and day of the week). All of our prices include sales tax, and we don’t charge any truck or travel fees unless traveling outside of King County. Gratuity is optional. Visit our quote page to see prices.
Are you ready for some pie? Fill out our contact form, or email us at info@314PieSeattle.com.
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