Meet the owner

Chef Dom

Originally from Seaside, California, Dominique relocated to San Jose,Ca
to further his career and education in computer technologies and coding in the early 90's . When by Divine intervention, he ended up in a field he swore to never work in...The Food service industry, in Catering, as a Catering Chef. (Look, we're talking about a guy, that once barbecued for his family, and we couldn't tell the Burgers from the Briquettes) No Jokes told there!!. He was in a position of Lose by trying, knowing you're gonna fail, or lose for doing nothing definite fail.. With zero knowledge; experience; or direction, he chose to try, and something he never imagined happening, unfolded; he succeeded, under the tutelage of the bay Area's own Chef Jaques Hayes; he grew as a chef and even his kitchen became a preferred destination for interning chefs to be. even became a N.A.C.E. award winner.
After relocating and working as management in restaurants and a stint as a corporate chef and finally as a mass producer for several chains; Dominique decided the rat race of corporations, was not for him and answered a craigslist ad to leave the race; set your own hours and the flexibility to live life!!!! finally a place that allowed life work balance!!!! The system and culture was the perfect situation, He loved and believed in the product, after-all he was a part of it, that when the opportunity came; he purchased the company.. My belief is that food is a common ground for all walks; the more regions one tastes, the more we can relate and the more we can come together. 
So let's create together.
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